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Solo performances


Just a man with a microphone, a voice and a keyboard.


A few originals, a bit of jazz & blues, a bit of rock, a lot of heart and soul. A distillation of the best tunes from 5 decades.


Just let me know what you’d like, where and when – weddings, functions, charities – and I’ll be happy to oblige.

Doc & The Revd


Doc (Donna Samuel) has exactly the power and quality of voice needed to give brilliance and depth to songs by the likes of Adele, Duffy, Kylie, and Aretha. Yet between them Doc and The Revd (Drew) produce a subtly mature sound-scape to a wide range of rock anthems and ballads.


Doc & The Revd come together for special occasions – every occasion they come together is a special one. 

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Bringing the best of 60s music to life with fun, laughter and harmony. We do it because we love it. 

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Doc & The Revd Audio Demos
Not Ready to Make Nice Cover - Doc & The Revd
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Stray Cat Strut Cover - Doc & The Revd
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