10,000 hours

They say 10,000 hours of practice is what it takes to be a great musician. Oh dear. I'm not that good at Maths but even I can work out there's still along way to go.

We're advised that the SMART framework is useful. Well, yes it is, up to a point, but sometimes what you do to prepare for a performance or a rehearsal doesn't fit neatly into that convenient frame.

The temptation is always there to allow distraction, either musical or otherwise (social media, go and sit in the corner). But one thing I am finding useful in the music course I'm currently doing (finally) is the insertion of greater discipline.

So, yes, I still get distracted, still over-practice what's already proficient and under-practice what's scratchy and hesitant, but the small voice yelling "Come on! Get on with it!" is more confident now, and demands attention.

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